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Search Engine optimisation usually involves a two step process

Boost to Your Search Engine Rankings to Win More Customers  

Search Engine optimisation, or SEO, usually involves a two step process of on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. It is the art/science of manipulating the pages of your website and building backlinks that are easily accessible by search engine robots, so they can be easily spidered and indexed. 

There are some simple yet highly effective measures you can take to boost your websites popularity. More targeted customers means a greater chance of making the sale, or at least being able to introduce your product or service to your prospect. 

A knowledgeable SEO Consultant can help you optimise your website to improve your company's position in the major search engines. 

Statistics show that only one to two per cent of sales are made on the consumers first visit to a website. The conversion rate, of visitors to sales, increases when the website is more highly targeted to fewer products or services. It is for this reason that mini-sites are popular for selling one product in a highly focused way. 

However, whatever your product or service, be it a mammoth 10,000 product e-commerce website or a tightly focused one page one product landing page, you have be clear on what exactly you want your customer to do once he/she gets there. 

Can Your Potential Customers Find You Online? 

Having an understanding of seo basics will help formulate a clear direction in your online marketing strategies. Depending on what industry your company is in will determine the task ahead.

Having a successful online campaign results in four things:

More prospects for you to establish a relationship with (email marketing).

-- An increase in targeted traffic
-- A value-added experience for your customer
-- Repeat customers and / or referral

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Grab a Bigger Piece of the Pie - Companies operating from within highly competitive industries online, have been marketing for years building their online presence.

While other industries have been slow to 'wake up' to the power of the internet, it is often within these segments where there is most room for improvement.

If you haven't done so already, your next action should be to consider the seo services of a professional seo consultant.

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, usually involves accessing the website to be optimized and evaluating what on-page changes need to be made.

More prospects for you to establish a relationship with (email marketing). This could involve:

-- Keyword rich 'Titles' that encourage people to visit 
-- Proper use of 'Headings' within your pages
-- Internal linking enhancements 
-- Relevant and useful content for visitors

Half the battle is to ensure you have a simple SEO friendly website design along with useful content. The other major consideration is to improve the number, and quality, of backlinks to your website. For a reliable SEO Birmingham service contact us.


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